Anti-racism Face Mask

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Racism has no place here.

Wear your values proudly with our black and yellow face mask, featuring the Amnesty International logo and the words "racism has no place here". With an adjustable nose piece and corded elastic ear loops with adjustable toggles, this face mask is designed to fit your face perfectly.

Amnesty International Australia has a vision of an Australian society that upholds everyone’s fundamental human rights and ensures every single person has the same opportunities irrespective of race. We are pushing for every community leader, institution, corporation and organisation to adopt a zero tolerance approach to racism, supported by stronger systems of accountability. We have also published an 'Anti-racism Ally Guide', a comprehensive guide on what it means to be a genuine anti-racism ally and how we can all advocate for the needs of marginalised people. You can sign up for your free guide here. More information on our Anti-racism Campaign is available here.



This 3 ply face mask will provide you and others with a physical barrier to coronavirus (COVID-19), however, you should still keep a 1.5m distance from others and wash your hands often. Please note that these face masks are not medical grade and are not tested to be worn as protection around known COVID-19 patients. Please follow all government instructions regarding social distancing practices (and other guidelines as they arise) during this time. Even if you are wearing a mask, you are still at risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19.

Please machine wash your mask once you have received it and after every use to reduce the risk of contamination. Face masks should not be shared. 

Persons with breathing difficulty or other respiratory conditions are advised to seek professional medical advice regarding the suitability of these masks. If you experience breathing difficulties while wearing a mask, we suggest removing the mask if you feel it is safer to do so and seek medical advice if deemed necessary.

Thank you for your support and for being someone who cares about challenging racism.